Rely on 1-800BoardUp to Secure Your Property Post Hurricane

After a hurricane has passed through an area, significant damage can be seen everywhere. Nothing is untouched by the debris carried in by the wind, rain, and salt water. Everything can seem unreal, and the damage levels seem impossible. Hurricanes are not orderly events, and each one appears to be worse than the last one.

Boarded up windowOne service that 1-800BoardUp provides is boarding up homes in West Palm Beach and other buildings before certain events, but other services can help eliminate the damage caused by catastrophic emergencies, such as hurricanes. Because many smaller rainstorms and showers often follow these excessively strong tropical storms, covering up any damaged areas on your roof is a preventative measure that can save you lots of aggravation in the not-so-distant future. Boarding up broken windows, tarping chimney breaks, and removal of tree limbs are part of the comprehensive services offered by 1-800BoardUp.

Other damage that can affect your home is less destructive but still needs to be addressed quickly because of the potential risks posed to your family. Your lawn may be full of rubble from other buildings, creatures from the ocean, broken glass, twisted metal pieces from various sources, and many other things that need to be cleared away. It may be tempting to clean this up yourself, but that is not recommended by many experts in the field of disaster management. Hidden within the mess may be a live power line or a venomous snake. There are often risks at the microscopic level (fecal matter, pathogens) that can cause illness if you come into contact with them. 1-800BoardUp technicians are skilled at handling biohazardous waste, and our containment methods ensure that your outside areas will be risk-free when you return to your home.

In addition to cleaning up and removing the wreckage, we can also remove any trees or other large rubble that are on your property. During the process, we can, at your option, provide security fences that are temporarily installed. These can keep curious neighborhood children out of harm’s way, and ensure that our workers, and others, can conduct their tasks more efficiently. If severe interior flooding has caused water damage to structural materials, furnishings, and personal belongings, we can work with highly professional water removal companies to mitigate these effects.

Call us at 1-800BoardUp or visit us on the Web at for more information on how we can help you put your life and your home back the ways things are supposed to be.