There are various kinds of bio-hazards and it is your responsibility as a residential or commercial property owner to ensure that these types of potentially harmful conditions get taken care of immediately and appropriately. Believe us when we say that you should not even attempt doing this sort of clean-up yourself. You will never be able to remove these types of contaminants without professional assistance, no matter how good of a job you think you did, the hazards are still there.

Turning to our professionally trained bio-hazard cleanup technicians in Palm Beach will provide you with total access to preventive and remedial services that you need. We will explain our entire cleaning process to you from the start and provide you with the expertly trained, dedicated, staff to help return your property to normal after such an event.

MRSAOur team at 1-800-BOARDUP understands how some situations happen that may cause you to want to avoid facing them. We offer our bio-hazard cleanup services so that you have the professional cleaning solutions, services, and equipment at your disposal to handle the unforeseen or unthinkable circumstances you may find yourself dealing with in your residential or commercial property.

1-800-BOARDUP technicians take hoarding or untimely, unattended deaths very seriously. We begin the cleanup process by containing the affected area and remove any contaminants we find inside.

The removal of any biological materials such as blood, bodily fluids or other biohazards that could cause infection or sickness spreading life-threatening diseases such as hepatitis or M.R.S.A. gets properly handled and disposed of immediately.

At 1-800-BOARDUP we will work hard to help return your life to normal, give additional guidance and support while providing you with the services that you need to focus on other important factors during this trying time.

Don’t wait; we will respond quickly, keep the occupants of your property safe, protect against additional damage, and put our professional bio-hazard services to work for you. You can confidently leave the situation in our hands and get back to the important task of caring for yourself, employees, or family.

Make the call to our offices at 1-800-BOARDUP of Palm Beach today. We are available any hour of any day of the year, with 24/7 emergency services. 1-800-262-7387