Local weather conditions are getting worse; you expect to be hit pretty hard by the current climate system and attempt to take the proper steps to avoid as much damage as possible to your property. After boarding up your windows and ensuring proper drainage around your building, you pack some sandbags around certain areas to secure some of the perimeters further and settle in, hoping for the best. After the storm has passed and everything is said and done, you have some minor flooding in a few areas, but your property did rather well during the storm. However, there are a few areas where water got in, and they will require professional cleaning and deodorization services due to the smell.

When your home or office suffers from odors caused by various damage situations that develop in your Palm Beach Gardens property, and deodorization services are needed, contact us immediately. We have expertly trained technicians available to begin your restoration services promptly; we combine expert training and advanced odor removal methods with years of experience to provide the occupants of your property with a safe, secure environment after disaster strikes.

1-800-BOARDUP professionals receive deodorization certification training and are experts in providing deodorization services to our customers, along with various repair services that are designed to fit your particular situation. We arrive promptly after your initial call to our offices and quickly begin your deodorization process, eliminating odors caused by fire, smoke, floods and even mold infestations that affect your property.

1-800-BOARDUP technicians take the time to explain each of the methods they plan to employ to remove different odors, answering any questions you may have throughout the entire process. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have the equipment and personnel to handle any size deodorization issue, regardless of the time of day or night. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you need us; we provide you with the services you need on your timetable, not ours.

1-800-BOARDUP offers extensive services after disaster strikes. Including the inspection and inventory of all of your belongings caught up in the event; we inspect and inventory your belongings, perform cleaning and deodorization methods unique to each item and apply each method as needed to restore as many belongings as possible, even those that were thought irreparable.

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