From extensive electrical work requiring power to be shut off for extended periods of time to power outages in large areas of the city, we have the answer when you need air conditioning services. We also provide heating to those without electrical power. There’s no reason to be uncomfortable in the summer heat, which can become a health risk for those who are elderly or suffer from respiratory problems.

Classroom PictureOur emergency heat and air conditioning services are perfect for any situation in Loxahatchee that leaves you without the energy to run your air conditioner or furnace. Nursing homes, hospitals, daycare centers, schools, and medical clinics are often required to provide indoor environments that are controlled at specific temperatures. We can keep your business running. There’s no need to allow an emergency to remain one.

Our employees are bonded and licensed to provide the services you need. We screen employees so you can be reassured that our professionals are law-abiding and friendly to the children, elderly, or other patients to whom you are providing services. We understand that quality goes beyond the actual service we offer, and we aim to ensure that our equipment is safe in all respects. We do our work with professionalism so you can continue with your tasks.

As soon as you call, we’ll start preparing our equipment so that we can arrive at your site in a short time. From portable generators and A/C units to trailer mounted cooling equipment, we have the capacity to help. As soon as we arrive, we’ll assess the situation and set up the gear as quickly as possible. We strive to cut down on the amount of time that you’ll be without cooling or heating and decrease the time that it takes to regain the desired temperature and overall indoor air ambiance.

Beating the heat or staying warm when it’s chilly, though not often the case, outside can mean the difference between being able to function normally and having to close your doors temporarily. And in some situations, that can be a major headache for even the most well-prepared businesses. Call us at 1-800BoardUp, and we’ll get you set up with the service you need to prevent this from happening to you.