The reliable professionals at 1-800-BOARDUP are committed to assisting victims of disasters including fires, flooding and natural disasters. Our highly trained and experienced team has been through the disaster recovery process many times, we know what to do to help you recover quickly.

We specialize in emergency response services for disasters large and small.  Our team is highly focused on complete customer satisfaction and we invest heavily in the customer experience.  We pride ourselves on being the emergency response company that is trusted by more fire departments and insurance claims professionals across the country.

House In Need Of Repair

Our local team can provide increased insured satisfaction as we deliver highly skilled restoration personnel for your residential or commercial project. We’ll make your building safer for returning occupants including building officials, claims adjusters, employees and more.  Our team provides a wide variety of services to help you through the difficult times. Listed below are the services we offer to protect your property and limit your discomfort.

Board up & roof cover: We can board up windows and door openings and place tarps over damaged roofs and other structurally damaged areas of your building to mitigate damage and loss from vandals and inclement weather.

Shoring Up and Structural Stabilization: We customize shoring and stabilization to prevent ongoing structural damage to your property after a fire or flood. Experience and skill can salvage your building.

Temporary Fencing: We can quickly erect temporary barriers customized to prevent restriction of access to your property. We keep your property and the public safe.

Complete Building Enclosure: We can envelop your structure with a variety of products to prevent secondary damage due to water, adverse weather elements, vermin, and vandals. Complete closure preserves the status quo until reconstruction can begin.

Emergency Demolition: We can provide an extensive inventory of heavy and portable machinery to demolish and remove materials from damaged sites while adhering to local codes.

Heavy Equipment: We have the heavy duty equipment to respond and secure sites after disasters have wreaked havoc on your property.

Temporary Power & Generators: When others search for a generator to mitigate damages and provide creature comforts, you can have us on your speed-dial to provide power when you need it most.

Emergency Cleaning & Deodorization: Whether from a fire, flood, or a natural disaster, trust us to clean your property and possessions leaving you with a safe and fresh-smelling living space.

Emergency Heat & A/C: After a disaster, equipment to preserve your possessions and property from heat, cold, or humidity can lessen the monetary and sentimental losses.

Emergency Temporary Repairs: High-risk dangers and hazards are lurking after a disaster or catastrophic event. Rely on our experienced, equipped personnel to shore up your home and prevent further unsafe conditions.

Tree Removal: We can remove fallen trees, grind trunks and roots, even as we cover your structure with tarps and plywood sheets to secure the damaged areas until repairs can be made.

Crime Scene Cleanup: Our team can lessen the trauma created at a crime scene by discreetly cleaning up and removing unsafe objects and the residues of unspeakable actions.

Bio-Hazard Cleanup: We wear Hazmat suits to remove unsanitary and contaminated substances as an initial step in restoring your home space into a safe place. We use discretion and empathy to restore your property.

You can rely on the 1-800-BOARDUP local franchise to work for you to provide a safe and professional direction for preservation of your property and personal safety. Our commitment to core principles and values for helping others is the foundation of our business. Please contact us for help. 1-800-BOARDUP (262-7387)

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