Contamination Disposal

Some situations fall way outside the everyday, normal experiences. If you are facing a cleanup which you cannot handle on your own, you are likely in the middle of such a situation.

Industrial accidents, hoarding, kitchens infested with communicable disease and tear gas saturation are just a few. No amount of soap in all the world will assist you in cleaning these contaminants, and you are at a total loss of what to do.

However, we at 1-800-BOARDUP of West Palm Beach do. We are experts in the cleanup of bio-hazards of all types, from the accidental to the unthinkable. Whether there was an incident in your home, in your car or your business, we are here to assist you in making your environment safe once again.

Removal and Remediation

When incidents like hoarding or unattended deaths happen, the first thing to do in the cleanup process is to contain the area and get rid of the contaminant in it. We will then get rid of all traces of any potentially hazardous materials like broken glass or any other foreign material in the area which is affected. This is what is called removal.

The incident usually has also produced bio-hazards, which are harmful substances which could affect your life years after the incident happened. Chemicals such as tear gas can make you sick, and biological material like blood can spread diseases that are life-threatening such as hepatitis and MRSA. Protecting you from these threats is the responsibility of our company. We do not stop until a screen is completely safe, even if that means the removal of sections of flooring, carpeting, or other materials. This is remediation.

1-800-BOARDUP takes our responsibility to disinfect, sanitize and remediate your business, vehicle or home very seriously, and we communicate how and why we are doing anything throughout the entire process so you can understand all that is going on.

This is why we are the top company for bio-hazard remediation. Our highly trained professionals are dedicated to helping people and communities when tragedy strikes.

Most of the times, your insurance can cover the costs of remediating these bio-hazards in your property. If not, we will work with you to help you find another way to afford our important services so you can still get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

We are available to you any hour of the day, seven days of the week, any day of the year. We provide you with additional guidance and support to help you regain your life and to ease your worries.

We understand that going through any situation like this is very stressful, and feel that you shouldn’t have to worry about our capabilities during this time. We would rather you be able to focus on taking care of yourself, your employees and your family while you leave the hard stuff to us.

Do not hesitate to call us right away if you have experienced any type of emergency situation that includes bio-hazards. We can be reached at any time and we will respond quickly to keep you and other occupants safe, plus to protect any additional damages from happening to your structure.

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