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If you have been the victim of a crime, life doesn’t get a whole lot easier in the moments and days following the event.

Between fingerprint dust, police tape and broken glass, the cleanup after the crisis can be quite overwhelming.  You probably have no idea where to start or who to turn to so that you can get your life back on track.

1-800-BOARDUP of West Palm Beach is a full service crime scene cleanup and bio remediation company. We strive to handle each and every job with professionalism, expertise and also discreetly give minimal interruption to your business, home or patrons.

Our highly certified staff practice safety first, and we’ll help you to convert a situation that is dismal looking into a habitable and safe area. Many of our services are even covered by Crime Victim Associations or Homeowners insurance.

We are experienced with all kinds of services ranging in, but not limited to, Meth Lab Decontamination, Crime Scene and Trauma Scene Cleanup, Mold, water and sewage remediation, bio hazardous waste removal and disposal, superbug ozonation, hoarding cleanup and recovery, plus a large variety of environmental and bio services to keep your business, you, employees, tenants and family safe.

A Few of Our Biohazard and Cleanup Services:

Commercial Crime Scene Cleanup – if you own a property like a movie theater, hotel, church, restaurant or other location and a mass trauma has happened in your structure, there are so many things going on in and around your building. We can help you to clean up and deal with the trauma, crimes, shootings or other situations.

Residential Crime Scene Cleanup – we specialize in cleaning up manslaughter, homicide, mass murders suicide and other kind of sudden death scenes. We understand that these can be tough to handle both emotionally and physically for people left behind.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Death and Suicide Cleanup – this is a hard fact for a lot to face, especially if you’ve lost a loved one and you now are responsible for the area where the death happened. No matter the type of death you are dealing with, we want to lessen your obligation by thoroughly sanitizing the area and making sure it’s safe going forward.

Blood Cleanup – many times violent crimes leave behind blood plus the possibility of serious disease. We will ensure that the blood is properly cleaned up and your structure is returned to its safe state before anything ever happened.

Tear Gas Cleanup – cleaning up riot or tear gas is not an easy task. It sticks to all surfaces such as walls and the ground, and entire rooms can be quite a task to clean. We have all the right chemical agents to clean and eliminate the gas residue, however, and will get your structure back to how it was before.


We at 1-800-BOARDUP cannot even begin to understand how much pain and stress you are feeling, and we’d like to at least offer you comfort by cleaning up the area that is in disarray. We are experienced, professional and certified, and after the cleanup process is completed and before we leave the location, we’ll give you a certificate which guarantees that the area where the trauma happened is now safe. This is a time in your life that is unforgettable and we’d like to assist you through it.

Don’t consider at all cleaning up the blood of a loved one, as we are here and will assist you in finding a way to afford our services. Many states have funds for victims of crime, and your insurance policy might also cover it. Together we will find a way, no matter what. Please get in touch with our compassionate, calm and resourceful team for any of our services, and you will not regret it.

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