Vertical Support System

Shoring in the broad definition is known as the temporary support of structures during demolition, construction, and reconstruction so that stability is given which will protect the property itself, the workers and also the public. In the fire service, rescue personnel are used to using shoring regularly.

Shoring can help greatly in preventing any erosion of soil that surrounds the structure.  A loss of soil can spell certain disaster for any type of structure, since this can cause the foundation of the building to weaken. Therefore, shoring and structural stabilization are two procedures which work together to prevent a building from destruction.

1-800-BOARDUP of West Palm Beach is who you want to turn to for your shoring and structural stabilization needs. All of our employees have attended trainings on shoring, which are given by local fire departments. Our teams also have the right safety training and years of experience responding to emergency calls for site stabilization.

Our team focuses on the building’s long-term survival with structural stabilization. This is why our process starts with a thorough assessment of the structure so we know exactly what we’ll need to do to stabilize it.

For a truly effective stabilization, we understand that a customized solution is needed, and that there is no one-size-fits-all fix for this kind of problem.

Once they are on site, our project manager will speak with the property owner before even entering the scene. We will find the damages and hazard that is associated with them.

We can determine the requirements to stabilize a structure using various techniques such as soil redistribution, underpinning, wood beam replacement or reinforcement, foundation repair and structural steel repair. If it is necessary to build shoring, we will then determine the kind of placement of shoring systems in relation to the hazards that is needed. It is during this step of the procedure that we’ll decide if any part of your structure will need to be reinforced or rebuilt before beginning on the work that needs to be done. Our policy is to shore from the outside in, or from the safe to unsafe areas. In areas which are very dangerous, we will lower the risk by quickly installing spot shores.

At 1-800-BOARDUP, we will assess the damage properly and then execute the approach which is safest to stabilize your property, so you can be confident when you call us to do this type of work. We are experts at hazard mitigation (reduction: turning of gas, electric, shoring up potential collapsing sections, and our professional workers can utilize lateral bracing and vertical bracing. With the training and experience we have, there is no substitute for professional knowledge and skills, and our team can mitigate existing damage from cascading into disaster. Our company has earned a reputation of excellence amongst our clientele, industry peers and engineers. Our team works together to make sure we use an integrated approach to supporting projects in all aspects of each job.

Safety First


Our outstanding performance record underscores our commitment to running quiet, clean operations which respect the work environment of each building user. Our main focus is on safety, not production, and our efficient, safe and cost effective support positions your project for success and gives value for all who are involved.

Therefore, you can rest assured that you are choosing the right company when you call us at 1-800-BOARDUP of West Palm Beach for all of your shoring and structural stabilization needs.

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