Operation Management

Using emergency generators for temporary power after a disaster can help to minimize your downtime and stop further damages from occurring. You’ll be able to regain control of operations that are critical to your restoration needs to help you recover from storms, floods, fires and other disastrous events efficiently and quickly.

Renting an emergency generator in the case of a power outage or natural disaster can be challenging, if not an overwhelming undertaking. Pus, when a power outage occurs that is widespread, rental generators can become hard to come by quite quickly.

This is why preparation is the key to make sure your home or business has the rental power that it needs in the event of an emergency so that you avoid further damage to your property and can get on with the process of remediation as quickly as possible. So before a disaster strikes, realize that 1-800-BOARDUP of West Palm Beach can help you in the event of a disaster with all of your emergency power needs.

We can respond quickly to your call and our fleet contains well maintained portable and trailer mounted generators. These generators can run temporary power to your building, and twenty-four hour emergency service is available at all times when anything unexpected arises.

Power Supply and Protection

We can assist you in getting temporary power back to your building, plus help you with emergency board up services to protect your property from looters, animals and weather while we help you work out a plan of remediation.  We can help you with many of the different aspects of disaster cleanup and remediation, and while we have a lot of professional equipment on hand, if we do not have the equipment that is needed for any reason, we will work with a third party to get it and still get the job done in a timely manner.

1-800-BOARDUP has a professionally trained staff and all of the experience and knowledge that you would expect of such a company. Our employees are very well-versed and have a complete commitment to exceptional service as we try to help you out with your particular emergency. We have worked with customers for years and built a strong reputation of reliability, skill, professionalism and courteousness.

In fact, our compassion and understanding is one of the most outstanding factors that our customers rave about. It is not always easy these days to feel like an individual and find a company that realizes in an emergency situation not everyone is quite as calm as they might want to be. We understand this and strive to be different and better than the rest, putting your worries to rest so you can focus on taking care of your business or family.


As stated, we will respond to your call promptly, and we are available 24/7, 365 days a year, so it does not matter when your emergency happens – we can be there. When you trust 1-800-BOARDUP of West Palm Beach as your supplier of emergency power and other disaster related needs, you will find that we are definitely the best ones to contact and that your property and possessions are in good hands.

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