After the Storm

Thunderstorms, hurricanes and other severe storms can cause damage to your trees which is quite serious. High winds can topple large trees over onto your property or even your home, or can break tree limbs. Existing trees which are decayed or dead already can cause serious damage to your property as well.

At 1-800-BOARDUP of West Palm Beach, we encourage our customers to take preventive action for potential hazardous trees before a disaster strikes. We do, however, heave professional technicians available 24 hours a day for any emergency assistance should a tree happen to fall on your roof and cause any damage to your property. If a tree has fallen on your roof or broken through a window, our highly-trained staff will give you prompt and professional service which you can count on.

  • Immediate tree removal
  • All vehicles radio dispatched
  • Removal of trees of all sizes
  • Fallen tree branches removed
  • Fallen trees removed
  • Chipping of debris
  • Tarping up holes in your roof to prevent animals and rain from getting inside
  • Trunk and root grinding
  • Broken limbs cut

Another important aspect of tree removal is trees and electrical lines. It has been long determined between professional arborists and utility companies that keeping trees trimmed properly is what is best for the tree itself and for preventing it from coming into contact with any electrical wires. Trees conduct electricity and are connected to the ground.

When a tree branch touches a wire, electricity flows through the tree to the ground, causing fuses or circuit breakers to trip and interrupt your flow of power to your building. If a tree in your yard has come down due to a bad storm and hit power lines, it will immediately have to be removed, and we can help you with this as well.


Our tree specialists are fully insured and trained, and always here to answer any questions you might have about our tree removal services or any of our other emergency services such as board up services, cleaning and sanitizing, and temporary power, heat and cooling. We are well versed in all of these areas and more, with the experience and professionalism you deserve at a time like this. There is so much to worry about after a disaster strikes your property, you should never have to worry about the capabilities of the company that you hire to help you get your property fixed up and running back like normal. We encourage you to check our history and reviews so that you can see just how pleased our past clients are with our services and how well we got the jobs done.

Insurance Compensation

At 1-800-BOARDUP we will also work closely with your insurance company to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve. We want to help you with every aspect of the job and any other emergency services that you will need. We have all kinds of professional equipment on hand to fulfill your tree removal needs such as axes for cutting trees and prying roots, crosscut saws for cutting down trees, chainsaws for a more powerful device to fell trees and cutting broken branches and stump grinders for removing the stumps. If for some reason we do not have what is needed, we will speak with another local company to get it right away. We are the best at what we do and we strive every day to remain that way by providing excellent services and customer care.

Speak with us at 1-800-BOARDUP of West Palm Beach today so that we can help you with your tree removal emergency right away to prevent any more damages from occurring to your home or business. We will secure your property and draw up a plan of remediation so that you can get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

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