Shoring up and structural stabilization support could mean the difference between preventing excessive damage or destruction of your property. Various vertical support systems are used to provide temporary support during the different phases of construction, demolition or reconstruction and help protect the property, workers and anyone else who wonders onto the worksite.

The Structural Stabilization techniques that we offer in Gulf Stream increase the chances of preventing addition erosion and foundation damages. Our professional technicians attend the same training provided to Firefighting professionals and have years of experience backed by solid response times during emergency situations.

The 1-800-BOARDUP focus is on the long-term durability of a building by providing a thorough assessment of the situation so that we know how to stabilize the structure properly. Every situation is different, and we approach each job with a unique view for determining the proper steps to take during your project.

Once the 1-800-BOARDUP project manager is on-site, we discuss the situation with the property owner and identify the possible requirements needed to properly shore up and stabilize the structure through soil redistribution, underpinning, wood beam replacement, reinforcement, foundation repair or structural steel repair techniques.

Safety is our number one concern; 1-800-BOARDUP provides shoring systems concerning present hazards and reinforce or rebuild as needed before beginning our work. As experts at risk mitigation, it is our focus to avoid any gas or electrical hazards, while providing our workers with the proper lateral and vertical bracing for performing the job correctly. Spot shores are used in various dangerous locations to reduce the risks involved in getting started with our work. Often, intermediate steps are needed for a smooth transition from an unstable structure to a reconstructed one.

Home Insurance BenefitsVastly superior performance records combined with a commitment to a clean, quiet atmosphere during operations provides you with a safe cost effective environment and adds value to our services for everyone involved. With over 100 disaster recovery teams in offices nationwide, you can rest assured that we are the right company for all of your shoring up and structural stabilization needs. We are local and realize the specific geographic limitations that we deal with on a daily basis.

Our services are billed directly to your insurance company and are no charge to insured victims. We staff our local office with specially trained and skilled professionals that are available to answer your calls 24-7 and dispatch the proper crews to assist immediately.

Contact our 1-800-Boardup of South Florida facility today at 1-800-262-7387.