People install fences for many reasons, including to show where one property begins and another ends, to protect children around swimming pools, and to provide a fenced-in area for family pets. These are permanent fixtures added to a property and there are often city or municipal codes involved in the manner they are not only installed but also where they are placed. Height and also the type of materials the fencing is made of can also be covered under various codes and regulations, and some neighborhood associations often have their own rules, as well. When a fence is needed only temporarily, these codes often are not as strict, but may instead cover how long the fence may be left standing.

Properties in Mangonia Park needing temporary fencing solutions can trust 1-800BoardUp to provide the needed materials. We are experienced in working with the regulations in the communities we serve, and this knowledge can protect our customers from receiving fines for code violations. When we are entrusted with the responsibility of enclosing an area, for whatever purpose, we take that seriously. It is just as important to have any fence, even a temporary one, placed in a way that is code-compliant as it is to place it so that it is stable and can adequately fulfill its intended purpose.

TBasement Excavatinghere are many different reasons why you may require temporary fencing. You may have construction work being done on your home that you want to make sure is blocked off and inaccessible to children and others in your neighborhood. Excavation work to replace a basement wall should always be cordoned off, as the soil is extremely heavy.

An accidental death can be the cause of expensive lawsuits, and could easily be avoided if a dangerous area’s access had simply been blocked off. Road construction near your home may pose hazards to your own children, as well. A disaster such as a fire or a flood can leave a home in a hazardous state, and a temporary fence will keep it secure until the home is ready to be occupied again.

There are several different types of fences that 1-800BoardUp can install for you. Each of these is designed to exceed your expectations in providing protection in various ways and covering various factors that may affect your home’s security and the safety of your family and others. When you need to secure an area, call us, 1-800-262-7387, and we will ensure your area is secure and safely enclosed.