There are far more uses for temporary fencing than simply putting a border on damaged housing or industrial projects where you want to keep vandals or vermin out during restoration, although these solutions are very efficient for that use.

Regardless of the reason behind your need, we have temporary fencing options available throughout the West Palm Beach area that are perfect for any occasion. We work closely with each customer to provide a secure, effective solution for you.

1-800-BOARDUP’s temporary fencing options are perfect for securing a job site after a disaster or creating a restricted area, preventing public access. However, our temporary fencing options can also provide you with solutions for a variety of situations that have nothing to do with an emergency situation.

1-800-BOARDUP has access to a huge variety of temporary fencing products, competitively priced, to fit your needs. We have chain link fencing options, including free-standing chain link fence panels and a range of gates offering sliding, swinging, or walkthrough options, perfect for ticket sales or securing areas containing shops or booths.

1-800-BOARDUP can also provide you with plastic fencing or Poly-Barriers that are useful for warning patrons of possible dangers that may exist on a construction site, or Roll-A-Fence and SurePost options that are ideal for setting boundaries on a lush green, golf course, racetrack, or baseball field.

Does your organization have plans for holding a significant public event that requires controlling movement and access?

We have crowd stopper barriers and panels, perimeter patrol fencing, as well as multi-purpose low profile traffic options.

We can also provide you with upscale event fencing that gives you display sections, picket, lattice or traditional free-standing fencing panels to spruce up entryways and dispense information on an event.

Many customers find privacy screens, privacy fabric, windscreens and fence signs inviting; they are helpful for warning away vandals or advertisements for your favorite team at a ballpark.

We even have a series of Athletic fencing solutions that you can rent to help your favorite baseball, soccer, or football player hone their skills to perfection, giving them a backdrop panel to catch or rebound balls during practice.

Find your way to 1-800-BOARDUP for a solution to temporary fencing needs that you can count on, call today. 1 (800) 262-7387