There are many reasons why tenants are evicted from even the most prestigious complexes, and some of these tenants may find that losing their home requires retribution. Being a private and enclosed place, some tenants are nefarious in how they gain their revenge. Leaving bio-hazardous materials in sometimes hard-to-reach locations throughout a rental unit has become a preferred way for some to pay-back property managers and complex owners for perceived wrongs. This can create odors that will cause would-be renters to choose other living arrangements, leaving you with an unrentable apartment or home.

In West Palm Beach, things are no different and 1-800BoardUp is ready with specialized equipment and experienced staff who can erase the mess discovered after an eviction. As creative as some angry tenants become in their destructiveness, we are equally thorough in our cleaning, decontamination, and repair skills. From blood and spray paint to noxious-smelling food left in areas where removal is difficult to substances smeared into carpets and onto walls, we can clean these messes so that new occupants will never know these messes even existed.

For stand-alone properties such as houses and plexes, we can also board up and secure these units to guard against re-entry by tenants who have abandoned their belongings, but might still return for them without your knowledge. Whichever manner you choose to approach this and other situations, we’re there to assist you through the entire process. Knowing that your investment is protected against those who might not have the best intentions can help give you peace of mind. 1-800BoardUp can also provide you with photographic evidence of what was cleaned, and a written inventory of the damages.

For those who are more fortunate and only need traditional clean-outs performed in newly vacant units, we also provide that service. We can check to ensure that all appliances are in working order and also cleaned and sanitized. Toilets, tubs, and sinks are also covered. Ensuring that all hard surfaces are cleaned and sanitized is just the start. Wipe-downs of cabinet interiors, complete wall-to-wall vacuuming, window cleaning, including sills and sashes, are all a part of our services that can make your life, and business, a lot easier.

Whenever you’re faced with a difficult cleaning situation, regardless if the mess was intentionally left or just part of everyday living, we’re the team to call. We can have your rental unit ready to be relisted and making you money again. Call us at 1-800BoardUp and we’ll start at your earliest convenience.